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Here are just a few reasons why a safety video is an excellent investment!


A video is actually the best way to communicate good safety practices. Whether it’s Lock Out tag Out, Stop Switches, Forklift Safety or what have you, a picture is worth a thousand words. Safety meetings, Posters, Manuals and other printed materials are OK as reminders but a video demonstration is the most effective way to get your point across.


It used to be so costly to produce a safety video that all but the largest companies had to use generic, mass produced content that your workers had difficulty relating to. In this age of digital HD video, we can produce a topnotch safety video in your plant using your employees to illustrate points for a very reasonable cost. That way you can customize the production to issues in your workplace that are specific to your workflow and procedures.

Proof of Effort

If you have produced an “in house” safety video, you can demonstrate to insurers, government agencies charged with safety, stockholders, employees and management that safety is a number one priority at your plant. In the event of an accident, it can be demonstrated that you did your part as a business to get the message and methods across


Having a thought out, well produced safety video means you say the same things in the same way every time. Since the video is produced from a script, you have the opportunity to choose your words with care. You can be assured that every one that watches the video gets the same message. NO one can say “You never told me that!”


Since modern video is produced digitally, your safety video can be easily updated as new policies or situations develop. If it is created in sections, individual parts can be changed or replaced as situations warrant. Sections can be delivered in bite size chunks for more effective learning.


Modern video technology allows the video to be delivered in many ways. It can be presented on your intranet or on the employee section of your web site. On DVD or thumb drive. Even via email! There are also ways to include interactivity such as discussion questions, quizzes and other techniques to create participation and feedback


A well-structured safety video could help you avoid fines, lawsuits, expensive downtime, damaged equipment and lost work time. Not only can an effectively utilized safety production decrease accidents but its existence can prove that you take a safe working environment seriously and make a definite effort to instruct your employees on best practices where safety is involved.
These are just a few of the many reasons that a well produced Safety Video is an excellent investment

Here’s an example of what a training video can do for you!