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PowerPoint Services

PowerPoint is an extremely powerful tool with many uses beyond putting bullet points on a projector screen. It can be used to create stand alone multimedia presentations with video, audio and graphics. New technologies allow effective online presentations and the ability to create excellent training products. Let us show you how to get the most out of PowerPoint to support your strategies. You’ll be glad you did…


We provide professional PowerPoint services such as:

  • Designing your presentation from scratch
  • Tuning up your existing presentation
  • Adding video and other multimedia venues


Grant Proposals

There is no better way to approach grant providers than with a sound and action presentation of your intentions.

Project Proposals

An effective way to approach lenders and investors or corporate headquarters for expansion, new product development or projects of any kind.

Training and Safety Presentations

Specific Equipment, Operations and Procedures, Skill Advancement, Equipment Safety, Plant Safety, Emergency Procedures.

Human Resources

Pre-Employment, Screening, Orientation, Recruitment presentations.


A presentation based on proving information rather than the hard sell approach. Provides viewers with valuable information on how to achieve goals important to them. Implementing the achievement may involve the use of your product or service.

Sales and Promotional

Give customers a tour of your plant or your newest product. Show off your advanced production techniques, huge inventory or helpful staff.

Financial Presentations

Our ability to utilize motion graphics such as charts and titles can bring financial data to life in a way no print brochure can.