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Many people know the benefits of using Facebook to promote their business. However the logistics of actually doing so can get confusing for many individuals. Specifically, we have seen many businesses misunderstand the difference in uses of a profile page and a business page. Let’s take a deeper look at both.

Facebook Profile
This is the most basic Facebook ability, and what most people think of first. A Facebook profile is designed for personal use, to interact with friends and share posts about their lives. To see posts on a profile, you must be “friends”. Profile posts are hidden from the general web outside of Facebook and cannot be streamed on a website because of privacy standards. This is not a good approach for a business since it is much harder to be seen by outside traffic (plus the idea of asking a business to be friends with you is a little odd). Furthermore, it is actually against Facebook policy to use a profile for a business. That is what a page is for, which we will talk about next. I do however want to point out, that a profile is needed in order to create any other type of Facebook group or page.

Facebook Page
A Facebook page is designed for official businesses, public figures, or organizations. The design of pages are also geared specifically towards business. Pages allows you to view statistics of who is viewing your page and what posts are most successful. It has an about section where you can add information about your company website, pricing, hours etc. A Facebook page allows you to create posts and have followers, similar to that of a personal profile. However with a page, anyone on the internet can view the posts and information on the page. If they like the page they will see your page in their own news feeds. It is much more effective to use a page if you are a business since it is so much more accessible to the general public.

How to Create a Business Page
As mentioned above, pages and groups are both ran by administrators with Facebook profile accounts. There is no way to create a page unless you first have a Facebook account. They can have multiple administrators, or just one. If you worry about privacy, an outsider looking at the page they will have no way to tell the identity of the page administrators.

If you have already created a business page using a profile and want to rectify the problem by creating a page, there is an easy way to create a page based on a profile. The profile will still exist and will become the administrator of the page. The page will have the same photos and information and will keep all of the friends as followers. Click this link to learn more.

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